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Quality & Convenience

Led by a Doctor

Have the comfort and confidence that your testing is managed by a board certified Doctor.

Drive Through Testing

We have processed over 200 tests in one day and are scaling our systems for more.

Saliva Testing

Provide a small amount of saliva and receive accurate test results in 2-3 business days.

Automated Testing Results

Our lab partners can deliver testing results to you via text or email for your convenience.

Who Are We

Dr Shauntelle Bonman Senkungu, D.O.

Dr. Bonman Senkungu graduated from the HBCU Xavier University and has Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Western University. She’s a board certified Family Medicine physician and has more than 10 years of practicing medicine in underserved communities in Los Angeles and North Texas. She’s licensed in Texas and California and most recently built a COVID testing program at a local Native American clinic.

TQ Senkungu, MBA, MS Data Science

TQ Senkungu is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and obtained an MBA from the University of Southern California and a Master in Data Science from Texas Tech University. He has more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership, program management, IT process design, and entrepreneurial experience building and leading small businesses and non profit organizations.

“When the COVID crisis came we moved from concern to helping solve the testing crisis where we worked, to helping build solutions in our community and beyond. When we look back at this time, we want to tell our sons that we did something to help.”

Our Story

Dr. Bonman Senkungu, also known as Dr. Mom had built a small private practice at the end of 2019 part time. It was focused an old school ethos of the house call doctor. Her focus was family care in the home and geriatric care to her patients in assisted living facilities. At the same time, she was working part time at a Native American clinic as part of her service in the National Health Service Corps. Then COVID hit…

She scaled back her private practice because traveling to people’s homes has unclear risks and working in assisted living facilities was not allowed due to COVID restrictions. So she focused on helping the boys adjust to virtual school including Zoom preschool for the four year old!

Then she volunteered to lead the COVID Response Team and build a testing program and safety protocol at the clinic in order to help the clinic re-open safely and serve the Dallas community. After consulting with her vast network of physician colleagues across the country, she successfully designed and launched the program. 

At the same time, her patients at the assisted living facilities were having challenges running a program to test family members. They had to be tested weekly in order to have a recent negative test to allow them to safely visit their family members. As the COVID crisis got bigger in TX, the staff also needed to be tested to ensure they weren’t bringing COVID into the facility.

Dr. Mom is known for amazing patient care because she loves her patients and treats them like her own family. When she gets one patient, before long, they’re referring more and more and many patients have switched from their doctor to be under her care. This love for her patients led her to find PCR saliva testing.

PCR saliva testing has two major benefits. First, you don’t have to use the brain scratching swabs. Everyone, especially folks who have to do regular testing love the comfort and convenience. Second, the PCR testing his highly accurate or technically, highly specific. That means greatly reducing false negative test results and limiting the asymptomatic spread of COVID.

When the business started to grow, her husband TQ used his MBA, Data Science degree, and business experience to build operations, processes and systems in the business to scale. The lab started referring testing sites who needed a doctor to order tests and follow up with positive patients, but did not have a relationship with one or who were having challenges in their clinic relationship.

Together they’ve built an operation that currently has done as many as 200 tests at a single site in one day and are working in areas from Houston to the DFW. Now they are hiring and scaling to expand. Now they’re looking for companies, cities or communities who need to do testing, whether ongoing weekly or occasional pop up sites to help with the testing shortage.

Why Take Our Test

Testing Accuracy

1 %
1 %
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Most frequent questions and answers

You will provide 1 mL of saliva for your testing sample.

Drink some water so you can produce saliva. Don’t brush your teeth or eat or drink within one hour of the test.

Test results will take no longer than 3 days.

This is a PCR test which is done at a DNA level, making it very accurate. Click here for more details.

You will get results via text or email.

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